Friday, November 30, 2012

Redy for Sleeves

First an update on my Vibeke Lind and Hanne Vedel Jacket. First sleeve is done and I have ordered the gold pin, which is designed for the jacket. A lovely Christmas present from my father, my husband and myself. 
The sleeve is knit sideways, with saddle shoulder, using short-rows for top-shaping. I am not sure that my cast-on edge and the bind-off ditto will be of equal length so I decided to use provisional cast-on and will sew the sides together with kitchener stitch...(Smiling)Helen has a lovely post which tells what can happen if you have to send your knitting over-seas for seaming.
I have recently worked a pullover using the contiguous sleeve method developed by Susie Myers. I really like the look of my shoulders in that construction. Notice: I had to make some athletic postures to show you this winner


  1. I love the sweater - I have done some of the top down set in all in one piece from Barbara Walker, but have yet to do the Susie Myers version. Yours looks perfect!

    1. I must see the Barbara Walker method some day, however this sleevecap is very comfortable.

  2. Beautiful!'re can manage athletic postures!


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