How to knit a Pretty Old Danish Folk Sock

You will need 100 g of fingering sock yarn in natural, blue, or black.
A set of 5 dpn needles size 2 mm or 2,25 mm
A vanilla sock pattern, there is one here on this site.
Cast on the amount of stitches from the vanilla pattern on four needles, and work the border from the Danish pattern.
Continue with stockinette stitch and seam pattern for a couple of cm. Skip all the increases and decreases.
Begin the "svikkel" pattern using this trick: the center of the first pattern is the first stitch on needle 2 and the last stitch on needle 3 is the center of the second pattern.. Remember to start from the top of the chart or turn it upside down.
When the "svikkel" is finished, enjoy your work, and continue with a couple of cm of stockinette and finish the sock using your vanilla pattern.