Friday, November 23, 2012

Danish Modern

I am about to start a very exiting new project and I can´t wait to share. It is a jacket in garter stitch in a dense fabric. A garment you can´t wear out, in a classic, simple design made by Vibeke Lind, the author of Knitting in the Nordic Tradition. The pattern is in Danish.
The yarn is wool and silk and comes from the weaver Hanne Vedel´s workshop, Spindegården.  One of Hanne Vedel´s latest projects is supplying textiles for the newly restored Trusteeship Council Chamber a gift from Denmark to the United Nations in 1953.
The two shades of brown will be held together. 
For closure goldsmith Anette Kræn has designed a pin.
I took the photo the moment Hanne Vedel wanted to show me the closure. Not a cool thing to do ! I admit.


  1. That looks like you will want to wear it forever, too. I have Vibeke Lind's book and treasure it.

  2. That looks like a very satisfying project. I can't wait to see some photographs.

    1. Gauge is 20 sts/10 cm so they will come soon.


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