Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mette Sofie Larsdatter 1900

If you liked the Kællingesjal 1897 I believe you will be interested in  this photo.
Mette Sofie Larsdatter Jensen was born in 1838 in Uggerby, in the North of Jutland, only 20 km from the museum where the Kællingesjal was exhibited in 2009.
She was married in 1859 to a shoemaker, Justinus Jensen and they lived and worked in the little town, Bindslev. She had 10 children, six of them lived. 
In 1900 a folklorist, Evald Tang Kristensen, was told that she knew  and remembered a lot of old tales and songs, she had learnt from her mother and grandmother. 
He went to see her to write down what she remembered.

However, it was not easy. The shoemaker had his repair-shop in the living room,  he was a very religious man and he had stomach trouble. He believed that what his wife was telling came from the devil. They were lies and he did not want them written down on paper. He kept asking: what is it good for? He simply could not understand.
After a while the shoemaker got so angry and Ewald Tang Christensen was thrown out, however he made a deal with Mette Sofie. When she had made supper for her husband and finished her work, she went to the teacher´s house and there all the stories she had heard in her childhood were written down and we can read it today. 
In return she was offered to go to the photographer and have her photo taken, and here she is. Sitting in the studio, wearing her ironed apron, her best shawl, and of course with her knitting.

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  1. People had such hard lives; t's almost impossible to imagine nowadays. I'm glad she had the chance to tell her stories, and to show off her knitting.


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