Monday, November 5, 2012

Victorian style in the year 2012

Last week I visited Aarhus Possementfabrik the last factory for hand made braids and tassels in Denmark.
The owner, Jesper Povlsen tells about his factory and shows their products.His father is last trimming maker since 1965.
This is a tassel for a flag
Yarn used for braids, 110 colors
First impression was a little confusing. The factory also make stuff for modern Danish design.
However, here are photos to show how to make a handmade braid. The yarn at the back is for filling
Follow the red line. 20 meters long.
Around the waist is a belt with spools.

Taking the tension out of the braid to avoid bending.
And here is the beauty (finished braid), twisted of four, two of them are plushy.
***I am working on a shawl in check pattern from 1845. Right now I have the fringe on the needles. You´ll find the receipt on this page.
Have fun!


  1. How fascinating! I can barely make a basic twisted cord. Thanks.

  2. It's always good to see behind the scenes about things one takes for granted, isn't it? It's always so much more complicated than one thought.

  3. Thank you. It helps to maintain these traditions when people can visit and blog about them.


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