Sunday, March 28, 2010

a reality to be experienced

I have not been given indie yarnies much attention. But a friend on Ravelry kept displaying lovely shawls and socks made of wonderful fibres and in stunning colors. I had to find out how to get hold of the stuff. I sent her a message and she told me, when Beata, who lives in Ireland, uploads her yarns on her Etsy-shop - and one evening- I was ready. I had made up my mind that I would buy no matter what, and enough. I tend to work my shawls a little small, just using one skein about 4-500 meters. Not this time. The yarn, I was lucky to get hold of , was pure cashmere in colorway: Sour Cherry . The pattern is Citron which calls for about 400 m, ( My inner housewife was reproachfully whispering that I could make two shawls and give one away for someone who really neeeeded a cashmere shawl - in stead of making a big one for me, selfish knitter) But I kept knitting. The second skein only added two more repeats and I was not sure if it would make any difference. I did not block it a lot. I like to see the ruffles. After all they are the luxury element. What a lot of stitches when you double for 5 rows. Later I read about blocking cashmere on Knitter´s Review. Clara Parkes writes this:"When washing cashmere, be gentle. Not only to prevent felting, but also to avoid permanently stretching the fabric. Cashmere is fragile when wet. You can easily pull the fabric out of shape."
The finished shawl did not disappoint me. It has the perfect size and a lovely drape.


  1. Oh Mette, what a luxurious shawl...cashmere in a rich, deep cherry! I'm so glad you did not listen to that thrifty voice in your head, and instead used it all for this shawl! Just lovely.

  2. You were absolutely right to use both skeins of your lovely cashmere for the shawl. The color is stunning. Citron has been in my queue for a while and now I believe I need to bump it close to the top.

  3. Himla snyggt! Kashmir är ju underbart... :)

  4. Du fortjener da helt sikkert et sjal af hele 2 nøgler cashmere!!! Godt at du er glad for garnet og farverne, det er jo altid lidt af et sats når man kun har set billeder af garnet. Men jeg har nu aldrig været skuffet over Beatas farver.

    Go påske

  5. Beautiful. And I'm sure it feels very luxurious. congratulations on the new grandchild.


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