Sunday, April 11, 2010

change the nature

Temperature is now above the 10 degrees which is my limit for going by bike. But a lot of people defied the Winter storms . Here is a link to show what I mean. And here is a picture of me and my new investment. * An electric bike. Now I always have the wind behind me - at least when I am sitting on my Ella.
If you have a closer look you can see the hood of my Rogue, one of the best pattern I have worked. Can be found here. I have finished a third tie shawl which is from 1880 from Herning. The shawl is worked from the top. The ratio is 1:2 for the triangle. You actually don´t need a pattern.
I used one thread of Jaggerspun Zephyr in curry and all the time through the knitting I struggled with the bad match. Lace weight and garter stitch.. Every little error was accentuated, absolutely no mercy. Needle size 3.25 And why didn´t I frog and choose a sock weight or double the thread. Because I had the Jaggerspun in my stash and wanted to save money for- my investment (*) We all have to sacrify a little : ))


  1. It's good to have the warning about Jaggerspun: I have some in my stash too. The shawl looks so pretty, I hope you think it was worth it in spite of the annoyances.

    I'm going to knit Rogue some day...

  2. I wish we had all the lovely biking routes that you have in Denmark. I rode my bicycle nearly every day when I was there--all over town and sometimes beyond.

  3. I bought the Rogue pattern a few years ago, and still haven't made it. Yours looks great. I haven't got my bike out yet, but it's time.


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