Sunday, March 21, 2010

the moment

The 14Th of March my second granddaughter was baptized in our church which is one of the very old Danish churches. The font is from the 11Th century. I come there often. I work there as a cantor, occasionally, and I have been a member of the church choir for ten years.

The little girl wore the dress her mother had worn in 1980. Her mother had sewn it. I was asked to knit the child a pair of socks. For such a special occasion I turned towards Nancy Bush´s : Knitting Vintage Socks. The pattern Infant´s Fancy Silk Sock is from 1909. The four-row lace pattern twists a bit to the right. Perfect for small chubby legs, they do not wrinkle. And I experienced once again that the vintage socks are not only lovely but turn out to be very serviceable.
The present was The Pi as a blanket worked in lavender Shetland wool.
Later that day when I opened Google I realized that it happened to be Pi-day. And I was even more pleased with my gift.


  1. Marvelous presents for the little baby!!!!

  2. Lucky baby, to have such lovely socks, and lucky granny, to have another grandchild :)


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