Thursday, October 8, 2009

passing through its opposite

I sometimes feel an obligation to do some stash knitting. But I tend to long for the old times knitting : go for a pattern, buy stuff and stick to the project. However, I did buy 399,6 m of Handmaiden Sea Silk 6 months ago in the semisolid colorway, Ivory. I have seen white keys on old pianoes made of ivory and of course seen elephant tusks in the zoo. But in my memory the color was more chalky than yellow. Perhaps they brushed the elephants´teeth in Copenhagen Zoo.
I chose Damson for this skein and ran out of yarn two rows before bind-off. I had a bit of left-over in blue Sea Silk and did the edge with that. What I know about color is, that blue being the contrast color to yellow makes the yellow look even more yellow and I was not too pleased with that. And I was afraid that the blue would come out onto the ivory when soaking. It did not happen and I think that Damson and Sea silk is a good match. And I know that it also comes in 150 grams´ skeins

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  1. Ivory can be quite yellow: think knife handles. I think some elephants smoke more heavily than others too, and exposure to sunlight doesn't help.

    The shawl looks beautiful and I love the blue border.


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