Sunday, September 27, 2009

danger is not to take the risk

I am seriously bit by the Baktus bacteria. And so is Evelyn Clark. I bought a pattern called Huckleberry Lace Scarf at her website and finally found a pattern good enough for my one-skeiner Angora gem, Angelic, from Sunday Knits. Normally I am not an angora- friend but this fibre has changed my attitude. I weighed the scarf after every 24 row's repeat, and changed direction with 29 grams left. I went on knitting with so much peace in my heart, knowing, I would not run dry.

Thus, feeling so unwind-ed, gave me courage to dive deep into my miscalculations.

I love Lorna's Lace Sock Stripe but I hate wasps. I don´t know what grabbed me when I ordered the Bee . In Nature the combination of black and yellow signal danger and I almost heard a fire alarm when I unpacked. However, I try to damp down the fire by adding some more black ridges. So far it is a really fun knit because I never know when the yellow will have a go.

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