Sunday, October 18, 2009

out of nothing

My second grandchild was born a week ago and it has caused a veritable knitting fever.
I was lucky to find a Danish book of needlecraft from 1940. I worked this lovely jacket for a new born using Drops' Merino Extra fine which is super soft and elastic. I wanted to follow the pattern to pick up some tricks. And found out that it takes a lot of stitching to go vintage. I knew my DIL was having a little girl and the buttons from Drops are small pink flowers with a pale yellow center. However, the buttonholes are placed wrongly on the left front which is customary for a boys jacket - at least in Denmark. Well :) Perhaps it is time to change that.


  1. The sweater is just charming! Do not worry about the button placement - you're probably the only one who notices :^) Congratulations on your new granddaughter. I do hope she is close enough so you can enjoy her.

  2. Thanks.I know that the button placement is not an option. And I don´t know where the tradition comes from. Yes,I am so fortunate to live within 10 km from my grandchildren. And grateful!

  3. What a beautiful little cardigan. It does look very vintage. Well done! And congratulations on the new little one in your family.


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