Friday, August 28, 2009

Don´t forget

I just finished a scarf. It is black and gray, 180 cm, mainly in Garter Stitch. I love to try out new techniques and thanks to You Tube it is possible to watch and learn. I found that Nancy Bush, herself, showed how to work Estonian Cast On here. It created some big loops which made it easy to pick up stitches and work in the opposite directions (when I found out I had chosen a wrong contrast color while I was watching television). My shoulder really hurts these days (wonder why) and I have had to change my knitting style. Portuguese Knitting is an option for me. Here demonstrated by Andrea Wong. She has a lovely yarn pin, I used a hook from my kitchen. And I found out that it was much easier to work the purl stitch than the knit stitch. The fabric turned out much fluffier.So the garter is done in purl rows. I had a planned to work a kind of Log Cabin edging like this , demonstrated by Mason Dixon. And I made a 10 cm attached border at each end of the scarf . However, I ran out of mojo when I was about to start the sides. (2 x 1.80 = 3.60 cm of border) and worked an Attached I-cord in stead. Eventually I ran out of yarn and had to extend with left-over threads using the Russian Join. The scarf just looks like an ordinary scarf, worked in a couple of days. Maybe it will never be worn but I sure learned a lot. No photos. I lost the charger for the camera on our trip to Sweden.

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