Saturday, August 8, 2009

freedom of thought

Here are some pics of Kim Hargreaves Ali finished today. I had forgotten how long time it takes to stitch a cardigan together. My latest projects are worked top down and it really saves time. Well, I like the wool cotton. It is perfect for Danish indian summer, I am hoping for. I was a little disappointed when I tried it on. I found it was too large across my shoulders but my DH saved me from "Post Knitting Disappointment Disorder" claiming that the shoulder line made it look like a jacket.


  1. 'Post Knitting Disappointment Disorder' is brilliant. I like the designs in Breeze very much, but am suffering from Knitting Decision Failure Disorder.

  2. Den sidder ret flot på dig! Ligner et hit i mine øjne.
    Spottede også lige din Kosak - den kan jeg også godt forstå at du har råelsket - det ligner sådan en man altid griber ud efter.
    :-) Britt


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