Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer In Progress

Summer in Progress is my Ravelry name for a gorgeous red pullover I just finished. The German name is "Stehkragen-Rolli im Stil von Akris" and in English: Akris-Style Sweater with Stand-Up Collar.

Again I could not resist a special sleeve construction. This one is called the Dolman sleeve.

The sweater is originally designed by Akris, and the German magazine Für Sie 01/2007 made a pattern. A very nice knitter has made an English version and it is available through RavelryI have worked size Small, from the bottom, back and forth. And followed the pattern as written.

The yarn : is a cotton/ linen thread which actually is four different colours, red, purple, pink and orange.
It was difficult to make the dolman-decreases the way I wanted,
 and I was thinking ??that if I worked this sweater on a circular maybe I could use this Muhu decrease.
I recently borrowed this book from the library and I think it is absolutely fabulous.
Here is a page chosen at random.
Here is my beauty .....................
And here is the sweater on the catwalk.................................


  1. So elegant. What a gorgeous combination of colours in the yarn!

  2. Elegant os right. I'm knitting a cardigan in a linen cotton blend right now. Not my favorite yarns, but the product will be a perfect summer sweater. I hope. Glad to see you!

  3. Lovely! As usual, your thoughtful design has made a beautifully crafted garment!


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