Thursday, September 8, 2011


This sock pattern is called Tendrils, the designer´name is Mary Lou Egan.
Here is another pattern from her knitting basket : Coquille 
 Mrs Egan is inspired by organic shapes - and knitting her patterns makes me think of the Art Nouveau period: In Denmark called "Skønvirke" (1895-1920) The decorations were inspired by wild flowers, insects and the flora and fauna of the sea.
Kristian Rørdam, Danmarks Tilblivelse (1898) A wild danish forest, drawn in "skønvirke" style (Danish Arts and crafts : Art Nouveau, Jugend style").

In Britain the movement was called arts and craft.

"The Arts and Crafts style started as a search for aesthetic design and decoration and a reaction against the styles that were developed by machine-production. Arts and Crafts objects were simple in form, without superfluous decoration, and how they were constructed was often still visible. They tended to emphasize the qualities of the materials used ("truth to material"). They often had patterns inspired by  flora and fauna."
This goes for knitting, too.
The sock yarn is an ordinary solid blue, however the stitch pattern has 3D effect on the solid yarn color, reflects the light and makes it look like semisolid. And the knitted fabric becomes elastic and lofty.
Tendrils is a birthday present for my son, who appreciates a hand knit sock.


  1. I think that's the first time I've ever been really tempted to knit someone socks ... they look so cosy :D

  2. The socks are lovely. Or should I say manly and handsome? Such kind words, I'm flattered, but I fear you give me too much credit! Thank you!


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