Sunday, August 28, 2011

head or tail

It has almost been a month since I went to Copenhagen and visited  North Atlantic House, a building which is dedicated Icelandic, Faeroe and Greenlandic exhibitions and events. 
Round the corner is this blue igloo. It is locked but you can get the key in the reception.
I tried to take a photo of me inside. With thousands of mirrors it should be easy, however where am I? I wore a red scarf that day!
Trondur Patursson has made various examples of his “cosmic room”.
Outside the museum was a small coffee shop, with Icelandic specialties. I had a cup of coffee and an Icelandic chocolate bar.
I was so surprised when I took a bite. The chocolate melted in my mouth and I was chewing a small liquorish lump, a bit salty. Very delicious.
Not far from Transatlantic Brygge is Fretown Christiania.
They have an arts and craft shop  next to the entrance. A visit was very inspiring.
A shawl knitter cannot have too many pins. I intuitively chose this one and it is now incorporated to my collection.
I also visited Københavns Bymuseum. 
I am not particularly interested in how kings and queens lived. I am absorbed by the way poor people were treated, women and children. How they managed : Illness, poverty, suppression. I found this photo of a group of people from the bottom of society.
I am always touched when I see women wearing tie-shawl.

This summer fair Isle knitting brought about a strange creature to my house.


  1. A beautiful post which makes me want to visit Denmark all the more. From your insightful comments and photographs I can see we have many things in common.

    Dear Mette, if you are interested I am hosting a giveaway with a knitty spirit. Please come and see if you would like to participate.

    All the best,

  2. Not only a tie shawl, but knitting as well. I love to look at the photographs of the servants in those big houses -- those were my ancestors. What IS that tail on the fair isle sweater? Do you need a mouse trap?

  3. Lovely, informative post. The photos are wonderful - present and past!

    That is a woman knitting in the front row, right? Is it a sleeve? My computer does not give me a very clear image of what is in her lap. The shawls are wonderful. I, too, am also very interested in how the *ordinary* people lived.

    So many of my favourite flavours rolled into in that Icelandic chocolate - yummy!

  4. Love the old shawls, actually love everything about your post...wish I had a photo of my Danish grandmas wearing a working woman's tie shawl!

  5. @one more stitch -blown up on my computer I would say it's more a stocking/sock. It looks like the foot sitting under her hands.

    I have some beautiful fingering handpaint that I'm trying to find a pattern for, but these tie shawls all seem to be out of worsted. We live in a drafty old farm house and one of these shawls would be perfect.

    Love the old pictures.

  6. Great pics, I want to have a go at a shawl now!


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