Sunday, July 17, 2011

music, art, knitting

Days with lots of rain, however, one night a wet yellow - rose light poured into my living room and I was lucky to see this from my window, a fantastic sunset. It was just what I needed after a funeral, and taking care of a confused and very old man.
The next day was a lovely summer´s day and I was determined to do some impulse buying, just for me.
I came home with this: the yarn is three threads of linen and one thread cotton. From Karen Noe. I used it for the Balloon dress. and it behaves very well after washing. Blogged here.
The music is piano music by Carl Nielsen. I am very fond of his music. This piece  is called The Fog is Lifting. It is written in 1920.
The cover is a painting by the Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi. Here is another one.
 "Interioer" from  Hammershøi's flat in Strandgade 30, Copenhagen. I am actually going to Strandgade, no: 91 this summer to visit this exhibition. I shall write about it in a later post.
I am really looking forward to my vacation in a few weeks and I hope to finish this.
The pattern is Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmeier.


  1. What beautiful music, so tranquil, just like the painting. Your Buttercup top looks like it's going to be rather lovely too. Great yarn, knitting, and wonderful music ... just what you need when times are tough x

  2. Is the linen what you are using for the buttercup? It looks lovely. And isn't it funny how sometimes the universe gives us that bit of help when we need it? Wishing you a tranquil time.

  3. I knit my wedding dress; it was a top and skirt. Buttercup looks like the top with the square neck and lace pattern, I'll have to dig up a photo and post it. Divorced now, I don't celebrate my wedding dress much but I still have it, and I do cherish it! Thanks for the reminder!

    Love the color...

  4. I do like a Scandinavian interior, so moody and evocative.


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