Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life has its own hidden forces

This is a picture of an undaunted dandelion. It looks like this, because it has squeezed through two flagstones on my terrace. I feel a little like it when I work on this project.:

One of my green projects has become "½ hour -a -day-project". It is a linen dress, a piece of knitted art, a clever construction of domino knitted squares, that are wrenched in a way that the shape will become balloon-y. I want this dress so much but it is impossible for me to work it for more than ½ hour a day. The linen is rough and inelastic, however the color is beautiful, three linen threads of dark green and a light green cotton thread loosely twisted.
I have done some maths on this dress. When I have finished it(-and I will)- I have:
cast on : 396 stitches,
picked up :823 stitches
made : 460 decreases.


  1. What a lovely dress. When you were doing your maths, did you calculate how long it will take you?

  2. Wow! Very beautiful and so creative of you. That green is the perfect most gorgeous colour too!!

  3. Thank you! I cast on March 16 and I am just about to pick up stitches for the yoke. It is almost fun ;LOL

  4. Oh how lovely - and a beautiful shade of green. Knitting with linen is hard on the hands but it does soften with washing and wearing. I hope you make progress so you can wear it and NOT look like that dandelion.


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