Sunday, June 19, 2011

on my doorstep

A rainy summer's day I saw this bunch of flowers outside my door. One of my neighbors had left for a vacation to Norway, but before she took off, she had gathered these peonies and roses from her garden and left them on my doorstep.
The roses give off the most lovely scent. And I have enjoyed them for nearly a week now. Even if the flowers have begun to wither away, they a still very, very beautiful.
So thoughtful and heart warming.
I have finished the hem of the Folklore Jacket and am about to begin the flower pattern. First I must make a skein of these colors, pull a thread 8-10 meters long from each skein, tie them together with a reef knot and wind up.
And for the main color, six shades of green, same procedure.


  1. How lovely and generous. Re. the yarn - can you 'spit splice' to avoid weaving in ends?

  2. I have not thought of spit splicing. I have a little resistance to it. Can I use some water in stead? I knit the threads double, though, to avoid weaving in ends.

  3. Water is fine for this splicing - all it needs is moisture, and spit is handier if you are not near liquid. I have been known to dip yarn ends in a cup of tea instead!

  4. Thanks Freyalin, is that what you call "a nice cuppa" :D

  5. Oh, what a lovely doorstep suprise your flowers must have been :)
    I have to say I always seek out actual water for splicing rather than use spit, which is silly as I'm happy to use spit to tame a yarn end I'm trying to thread through a needle!
    That colour knitting of yours is looking *very* interesting !

  6. Wow - so beautiful!!! Both things - the flowers AND the jacket! :)


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