Sunday, June 12, 2011

fine feathers make fine birds

I have been through a very looong sock knitting period. When I look at my Ravelry project page there are so many socks, and some of the patterns I have worked two, and even three times. I was definitely ready for something new and challenging when I visited a very fine yarn shop in a neighboring town.  
The Folklore jacket designed by Christel Seyfarth was hanging on a dummy and the owner had knit it herself. I tried it on, and it looked fine on me. I was very confident when I ordered the kit, however when I opened the box, I admit my spirit sank.
There are 17 different colors.
 Well. I thought of the old saying: How to eat an elephant? And cast on for the body. First I wound up two skeins using Christel's instructions. A black/grey and olive/gold for the hem.
And knit forwards, after all, it is only fair Isle. The patterns are Faeroese.


  1. Oh my ! You are a braver woman than I !! But I'm sure it'll be amazing when it's done :)
    And your new LYS ... wow ! There is nothing like that here :(

  2. Dear Mette, what a beautiful jacket and what a wonderful shop!
    I wish I was not so far away from Denmark! Your shops seem so much more beautiful, even though I know, that "the grass in neighbour's garden is always greener"!
    The colours of your new wool are brilliant.....

    Keep knitting

  3. My spirits rose when I saw this on your Ravelry page: I am so looking foward to watching it grow.

  4. How beautiful - funny thing, I had not heard of this designer and I just saw her work at TNNA (the yarn trade show) and was quite taken with it. I look forward to watching your progress. I'm sure all the colors will make it really fun.

  5. It's absolutely stunning and I know you have the persistance to keep going and finish. It will be so beautiful on you! Remember how much fun it is to watch color patterns grow especially in a fine gauge!


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