Monday, April 11, 2011

there's beauty in the silver singing river

This weekend I went to Copenhagen. My sister lives there and had invited us to celebrate her birthday on Sunday.
Saturday afternoon we spent the day together with my Son II and my DIL. First we visited National Gallery of Denmark/ Statens Museum for Kunst. The Museum has run an exhibition of Bob Dylan´s paintings and it was the very last chance to see it. My husband is a dedicated fan.
There's beauty in the silver singing river
There's beauty in the sunrise in the sky
But none of these and nothing else can match the beauty
That I remember in my true love's eyes
- - -Bob Dylan, "Tomorrow is a Long Time" 

Afterwards I took a little stroll to see the other part of the Museum. It has a beautiful new extension and I enjoyed the view of this very old beech through the enormous window.
I was told, that before they built the extension there had been a park with a toboggan run and children had actually sledged at the very spot where we were standing.
I saw many fantastic paintings, however, I fell in love with this one, Melancholy, her shoes and the orange skirt caught my eyes and her expression puzzled me and I decided to borrow a book about the artist next time I go to the library.
When we left the Museum, I noticed this young man sitting outside the Museum wearing sunglasses and suddenly was I was 45 years back in time.
From Culture to Nature. Next door to National Gallery is Botanical Garden with a small cafe and we had our afternoon coffee outside in the April sun.
I just had to look inside the old greenhouse and imagined how it must have been to visit it in 1813 and experience palm trees and exotic flowers before television and photos existed.
Sunday I went to my sister´s birthday. She passes a milestone and only wanted a pair of socks. Loksins! is Icelandic and means Finally!
I thought of Spring when I chose the pattern. The yarn is Shepherd Sock, and the colour is Fjord.
I also bought her a Buff. I wish I could find a stitch pattern and knit a cowl like it. The fabric is extremely elastic but only sideways. It does not give an inch when I try to stretch it vertically.
How to wear it? If you have not seen the video, take a look at it here.
We had such a great Sunday celebrating my sister. We had a gorgeous brunch prepared by her friends and the socks were admired and greatly appreciated.


  1. I always enjoy your art posts. It must have been quite an experience for those first botanical garden visitors, I agree. I remember my first trip to a warm climate (Southern Calif.) and my shock at seeing palm trees and jade plants growing by the roadside.

  2. Such a great weekend you had with your families!
    I also visited a botanical garden last week. It's my son's and my favorite place.

  3. What a fantastic post! I was transported! I love Bob Dylan too - his lyrics are so soulful. and I also admired your socks very much - you chose the perfect yarn for them!

  4. I'm not a big Dylan fan but perhaps reading the poetry would be better than listening for me. Apologies to your husband! The young man on the steps, too cute.

    My favorite places in the world are big greenhouses (glasshouses) in botanical gardens. I don't live anywhere near one. Lovely photos.



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