Thursday, March 31, 2011

my eye deceives me

Paula asked some weeks ago, what to knit for comfort, and I suggested socks.
One of my friends is allergic to wool. However, some years ago I made her a pair of socks using Debbie Bliss´ Baby Cashmerino, and it was a success. No itching, at all.
This spring she has been mending after an operation and I wanted to treat her something  special for her birthday.
Kai-mei is one of Cookie A´s patterns, and it reminds me of the flowers that bloom right now. 
They have a beautiful Danish name, Erantis. In English: winter aconite.
Spring green is her favorite color and this is how the fields looked a week ago.
The Baby Cashmerino is a modern yarn made from merino, cashmere and microfibre and usually the yarn knits up very smoothly, however I found my work a little uneven. It was not until I started the flower pattern I realized that one of the four dpn needles was less pointy than the others. Using my gauge I found out that in stead of knitting with needle size 3,25 mm which is what this yarn calls for, I was working with 3 dpn needles size 3mm and one needle size 3,25.Yeeek.
I remembered what I had read a few weeks ago in my Teacher´s Manual 1929:
As it is important that the needles match the yarn, it is necessary for the teacher to have a needle size gauge. A small tool made of brass with holes and numbers so you can decide the size of the steel needle. Children often knit uneven because the needles have different sizes and the eye can easily deceive. The gauge tool can be bought - Here follows an address: Købmagergade 4, in Copenhagen. She continues: But at any ironmonger you can get a measurer for wooden, bone and horn needles with the odd name "skydelære" I have looked it up. It is a Vernier calliper, and it looks like this.
 I decided not to frog. However, it was really a challenge to continue knitting with the odd sizes. Every forth needle my feet were tickling, for 1½ sock. But I had decided not to give in for my vanity. I am only human!! At least they are identical.


  1. Oh I am longing for some spring green. We had a bit more snow. Sigh. Elizabeth Zimmerman says that one needle of a slightly different size shouldn't make much difference. However, if you feel the difference, that's what counts. The socks are lovely.

  2. Lovely socks! I like the colour... it´s spring in the air!

  3. Such a lovely colour. I think yellow is very underrated.

  4. Helen,I think you are right about yellow. A funny thing is that people seldom used yellow in "Victorian" Denmark. I have read it was because it was so easy to find plants to use for dying yellow that it was not so fine a colour as the others.


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