Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tycho Brahe 1546-1601-and Zalmiak

This week the media covered the event in Prague where the Danish astronomer, Tycho Brahe´s tomb was opened, his body autopsied and reburied.
I think it must have been very uncomfortable and scary for everyone to be present in that church when the tomb was opened. However, the archaeologist in charge, Jens Vellev, wore this sweater, and looking at him must have been tranquillizing.
The pattern of the sweater is called Zalmiak, by Marianne Isager, and I knit one in 1986. For my four year old son.
This photo is before Ravelry. It was taken to immortalize the little puppy, a wire-haired dachshund. But I admit that the sweater is very photogenic.


  1. I would love to find out if the archeologists determine Tycho Brahe's cause of death. I am so glad that you posted about this, as I hadn't seen anything about this in the US. I have always found astronomy and archeology interesting - and this is both!

    You did a wonderful job on your son's sweater! I will have to look for this pattern now that I have seen two versions of it - it is so beautiful.

  2. The New York Times recently published a long article on Brahe's death and the controversy. I did not expect to find the story as interesting as it was (silver false nose!).
    Wow I am very impressed by the photos of the sweater. I am sure once you had knit one you would definitely recognize it anywhere, no matter how many decades later.

  3. I read about this in the NY Times, but they didn't mention the sweater! Sweet picture of the dog and the sweater.

  4. Love it! Only in Denmark! It seems so patriotic that he would wear a sweater by a Danish designer...and your son is so cute in his...hope your grandchildren are wearing it now! I must go read up on the in the NYTimes!



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