Sunday, November 28, 2010

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. Oscar Wilde

My grandchildren visited me yesterday. The younger is 14 months old and I tried to take a snapshot of her -  but was not fast enough. Here is a photo of her shadow.
This photo shows what it looked like when her elder sister tried to catch her so I could get my shot.
I wanted a photo for Ravelry. She was wearing a vest I knit 7 months ago. . A wonderful pattern written in Danish by Else Schellerup. Here is a photo of it without the model.
Any member of  Ravelry know that there are so many patterns put into circulation, so why is it that I sometimes really need to invent one, myself.

I borrowed a t-shirt size 1 year and cast on for a toddler blouse using a combo from these books and fifty years of knitting experimenting and billions of stitches.
Here is the first attempt. I am already aware that the armhole is too tight, I will have to reconsider the construction. Of course I have an indescribable desire to see how it fits, but here is my car-so I must restrain myself.


  1. Adorable little vest and I love the colors.

    Where I live, we don't get snow to speak of, perhaps 2 inches every 10 years. One of my coworkers says "you can't shovel sunshine!" But I've lived up north in plenty of snow, and extricating the car then going inside for hot chocolate is always great!


  2. Looks very cute - we have a need to create, and all the patterns in the world won't take that away. For me, the truth is I don't like following patterns. Then people at the LYS started asking me to write things up and you know the rest. We are shoveling snow, here, too.

  3. I love your first attempt! It is looking great. I am amazed that you have so much snow in Denmark already. Our first significant snowfall is usually around Dec. 1.

  4. Such a cute vest, what a lucky little girl. I love the photos of the blurs :)


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