Sunday, October 10, 2010

inexplicably woven

 I really envy people who have the ability to put together colors and transform them into new expressions. I would really like to learn.
I have read two articles which has been a great inspiration. One is from Knitty by Robin Dodge and one is from Knitter´s Review.
At present I work a shawl with two thin threads and it gives me an opportunity to mix both fibers, wool and alpaca, and colors. My inspiration comes when I look into my garden and see how Autumn changes my garden.

A few years ago I knit a cardigan.
The bright yellow and the subtle green turned into this color.
I was inspired by this jacket. The shawl is Daybreak. Stephen West has a wonderful new website. Don´t hesitate to pay him a visit.


  1. Both your shawl and cardigan are so beautiful! I love the two warm, rosy red and deep orange for the shawl. They blend to make a color that just shouts autumn. I, too, am a color addict. I was in theater lighting design classes mostly because of the color theory sections. What pattern is the shawl you are now working on?

  2. I love combining colors in that way as well. Today I was out riding with a friend and the autumn colors were so lovely. I was thinking of yarn, and it turned out she was thinking of quilting fabric!

  3. Love, love love your colour combinations!!


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