Sunday, October 17, 2010

I return the love

I am so lucky to have grandchildren.

My elder granddaughter is now 8½ years old and already a very creative girl. Her handmade gifts for her 1 year old little sister are so lovely. She sews toys for her. As it comes to knitting, she has really made an effort but she thinks it is boring. She is a fast girl, and is already able to run 14 km.
A week ago she asked me to make her a poncho.
- To wear while she is in London next week for a holiday.
- Because it is so tiresome with all the sleeves.
- And I could choose the color, but she loved brown.
Size 10 years, needle size 10 mm and chunky wool. Not a big deal for an avid and dedicated knitter and grandmother.
- And a hood!!
Monday I was shopping at the local yarn shop. I found a great pattern, constructed with a panel in the middle, which reminds me of the construction of the Faeroe Shawl, and worked from the top. But no hood.
I cast on provisionally using the crochet needle method, skipped the first 3 rows of the pattern and went straight to the body of poncho.
After binding off, I picked up stitches for the neck. worked three garter ridges, bound off the 8 middle stitches and began increases at the back of the hood on every forth row. Ended up with a three-needle bind off. Picked up stitches for the edge, worked three garter ridges and bound off with a contrast color, approved by the recipient.
I had bought it some years ago at a flee market.
The yarn is Norwegian and the text on the label says " skyr sne og vand" which means "repel snow and water". And the little logo says"varig mølægte" which means "permanent moth proofed" What a relief. Perhaps that is why I have never seen a moth.

I worked an I-cord loop for a hang tab.

- And a tassel is so fun. It dangles when I run. I can make it myself, if you show me how. I knit it, time was running out, a bobble, and filled it with a bit of unspun wool.


  1. den er godt nok blevet fin ! god ide at strikke en haette, og den lille kant og boblen er lige i oejet :-)

  2. I LOVE the purple bobble on the brown poncho - what a lovely idea! Isn't it so much fun to make them things when they have such good ideas?

  3. Too cute! Nice work on the hood and little hang tab.
    would that I had a granddaughter some day,

  4. That's so cute and such perfect colours. The permanent mothproofing is intriguing; I wonder what they did to it. I hope she has a lovely time in London.

  5. What a wonderful story - how lucky both of you are!

  6. Love, love, love the photo! And the poncho is lovely too. The colors are perfect! Well done!


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