Sunday, September 26, 2010

like lovely music....

I had a lovely Sunday visiting Tekstile Højskoledage. My own knitting were displayed in a lovely way and I saw so many visitors look, fondle and take notes.. This photo is a post-exhibition shot.
I bought some Danish yarn and chose two skeins from this basket.The sheep are local and live on the marsh next to the sea. The wool comes from this farm. I like to use a one-thread wool for shawls. Held double with a yarn from Isager, Alpaca 1, using needle size 3½,  it creates a lovely, kinky, light fingering with a soft halo.
The lucky pattern for this yarn is Westknits´ Flamboyan. I chose to work it in one color except for a small stripe of blue. I used a simple eyelet row in the transitions between the gray and the blue to keep the shawl reversible.
I was curious to found out how the garter ridges and the stockinette would adjust.

It did - after blocking.


  1. I like the simplicity of it in the natural wool with the touch of blue. Very elegant.

  2. Lovely shawl. The exhibition looks like they did a nice job of putting things up, and your photos do it justice.

  3. Your shawls look so lovely displayed all together! Your new shawl is equally lovely. I really like the vibrant blue with all of the soft gray. Do you know what breed of sheep they were?

  4. Hi Mette,

    Lovely! How do you get your work exhibited? Are museums interested in your versions of old shawls? I want to do Kaellingesjal but need to do some handspinning for it first. I also love Livsjal; your colors are exquisite.

    I'm keeping track of your exhibit locations so I can go to all these places one day!


  5. How very beautiful!! I must make this!

    The exhibitions does look very enticing! Did you enjoy it? Your knits look very comfortable there. :)

  6. I love the washing line! I have got it as my desktop wallpaper now. The exhibition looks very good, a nice collection of authentic things, not just fancy stuff, very interesting.

    Thank you for the vote of confidence in Billie :)


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