Sunday, September 19, 2010

intended for having fun

I have made a small video to show how to make a twisted crochet edge on a small coaster. The pattern is EZ´s Pi. You can use an ordinary crochet hook or a double-end crochet hook.

The wool has a little story.                        
A friend of mine had visited our local thrift shop and noticed a carrier bag full of yarn. I got off to make a good bargain.
The very same evening I met another friend who told me that it was actually her yarn. She had bought it on a trip to the Faroe Islands 25 years ago to make a genuine Faroese sweater for her husband.
However, the yarn had been hibernating under her bed until she decided to give it away for charity.
I knitted the French Market Bag straight away, and felt it in my washing machine. The market bag was huge and nearly killed it. But it is gorgeous.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. It's a lovely finish and your video makes it clear how it's made.

  2. Tusind tak! Det er godt at hoere dansk. Du er nemt at forstaa.

  3. What a great tutorial and lovely basket of yarn!! Would you mind PMing me on ravelry with your mailing address? I would like to send you a card when the winter Holidays come around... :)

  4. Wonderful video! Thank you.

    The French Market bag is beautiful!

  5. Thanks for sharing - it's very clear, even in Danish! And the market bag is beautiful.

  6. Thank you for your video. I have seen this edging on a shawl recently and could not figure out how to do it. My daughter sat on my lap and counted with you the whole time. I also love the story of your yarn - thank for sharing it. Serendipity is a lovely thing.

  7. How funny to read about your Faroe yarn. I bought some yarn too 40 yars ago, and I have just used the last bit of it.


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