Sunday, August 29, 2010


Yesterday afternoon. A very quiet ride on my new bike. Bought right after Easter and so far the display shows 1168 km. It has a small engine in the front wheel and a battery under the carrier. It feels like someone pushes you gently forwards and provides a relaxed ride to the city on the bicycle lanes.If you are a tourist or don´t have a bike you can borrow a public one the same way you borrow a shopping cart.In January I knit a skirt to wear over my jeans for extra warmth. And Must-Have a new one. I guess I used the other one almost every day until June.
The pattern is very simple. It is a tube with a hem at each end. I have finished the top hem. The check pattern is a tribute to the lovely tie shawl from 1885-90 in Skagen. I fancy those check patterns a lot. However, the shawl was not knitted but worked in "hakning", Afghan crochet. Perhaps my third skirt will be done using that technique. The stitches are very pretty. I have not yet decided which pattern I will use for the body of the skirt. I have done some research in my old knitting magazines from 1947 -57The old skirt I just worked in stranded stripes and replaced one of the colors sometimes.The wool is Hifa 2 Ullgarn and Gotlandsk Pelsuld.


  1. Is the skirt to keep you warm while you ride the bike? I love the idea of a small motor on the bicycle. I used to ride much more, but now where I live is up on a bluff that's part of a river valley, so anywhere I ride I have to ride downhill then uphill both ways. I do enjoy seeing the pictures from the old knitting books.

  2. Yes, I use the skirt while I ride the bike. It is easy to put on and off, and into a bag,when I am indoors. If you have an electric bike you can go uphill without geting tired.

  3. Thanks a lot. Your "Running-stitch" is great.


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