Sunday, January 10, 2010

traced back

For a month, white winter has hold on, perfect weather condition for a knitter. No need for further motivation, when temperature goes below zero. A knitted skirt, over my jeans, and I am ready for the frozen seat in my car.
The inspiration came from a book by Kitti Briksby called "Stribe vis af Strik" and to amuse myself during the sometimes tedious knitting of the 50 cm tube, I added some details I have picked up from Nancy Bush´work with Estonian knitting.
The wool is Tove from Sandnes, light and felt able. I prefer a firm fabric for a skirt, no flowing robes for me. And if the fair-isle doesn´t do the trick, I can work a little bit of fulling.
I cast on using Estonian Cast On to make it easy to pick up stitches for the drawstring hem.
I like to have a small pocket for a phone or a tissue. The edge of the pocket is two rows of an Estonian braid called Kihnu Vits. I found the braid in the book Knitting on the Road
Before binding off , I worked a braid. You can see the detail on the yellow sock right below the ribbing. The point of the braid was to avoid the hem to slant. Well, the bottom hem turned bulkier, than I expected. At least, I tried.


  1. On one of your pages (which I can't find again!) you posted a photo of a beautiful verdigris ribbed cardigan with grey on the bottom and the bottom of the sleeves. If I understand correctly, this was a Kim Hargreaves pattern but I can't find it. Can you please tell me the name of this pattern and also where you found such beautiful yarn. It is stunning!! Second question, on the same page you had another green Hargreaves pattern (a cardigan). Did you alter the pattern at all--I did find this one...can't remember what it was called. Yours seemed more beautiful than the one I foun among the Hargreaves collection. did you make the bottom trim longer, etc.? Thank you in advance. I am flabbergasted at the beauty of those two projects!

  2. Hi Anonymous knitter.
    The post you are looking for is "Divine". I have edited the post and added links, which I of course should have done in the first place. Sorry:)
    - Cossack is designed by Marianne Isager. It is worked from the top and the pattern is brilliant. It is from a book called Classic Knits.
    -I worked the Hargreaves pattern exactly as written.However, I was not pleased with the shoulders and plan to reknit the stuff. As for the wool cotton.The yarn is my favourite.


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