Sunday, June 13, 2010


Here is my Bohus Sheep with my new investment, a "vindepind". It is more than a hundred years old and I was lucky to find it in a Danish antique shop. It is used for winding up a skein and be able to pull the thread out from the center. It has two wooden balls inside the handle that rattle. I believe the purpose was to hear that winding actually was taken place. The yarn on the "vindepind" is sock yarn from Hedgehog Fibres and it is such a pleasure to work with.
The sheep is from Spin off and the yarn is from a kit for a scarf. Blogged hereI did not want to work the scarf but I have been longing to try Bohus Knitting for a long time. The needles are 2 mm and the yarn is gorgeous. I read that they get it from a Danish spinning mill. I will definitely do some research.


  1. Oh, he's splendid. Aren't they fun to make! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh My! What a Wonderful Beautiful Gorgeous Nostepinne!!!! That was marvelous find in the antique store! I love my new one, but would love an antique one even more. :) If we were half a world away, we could get together and wind our yarn. :D

  3. Oh what a sweet bohus sheep. It looks a bit like the bohus sweater I used to have.


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