Monday, June 7, 2010

slip away a little

Yesterday Mr. Mttr and I made a Sunday trip to Herning Museum. I went there to look for historic textiles. It is 100 km away from my home, and you are in the center of old knitting country- which later became the center of Danish textile industry.
Well, I did not see much old knitting. Or tools. But here is what I found. Please see through the stains of the glass. It is a vindepind or a nostepinne for winding up a skein of wool, and five wooden needles. And here is what was knit for export. Woolen, felted socks.
The yarn of the sleeves are dyed after binding some strings around the hank. Variegated yarn is not a new invention. The sleeves are sewn to the vest.
The woman is wearing wristwarmers. Nothing new here, either.

The museum has a large collection of the old duvet covers, Olmerdug, fustian,which is so gorgeous. Weaved 150 years ago ... the colors and the stripes are exquisite.
I am not a weaver, and I keep imagining that the wool was used for knitting, as well.
At least for shawls. For obvious reasons there are no photos from that time, but fortunately there are paintings to look at. H.A. Brendekildes maleri Udslidt fra 1889. Fyns Kunstmuseum.


  1. Great post!

    Thanks for sharing your photos of your trip. I just love that first one, esp. how she has the ball of yarn tagged to her shirt...

  2. Thank you for these. How fascinating. I really would love to see that variegated sleeve up close. There is nothing new under the sun, my grandmother always told me. The older I get, the more I believe her. And your linen dress is so cute! Now we need to see you wearing it.

  3. I've been absent from your blog for a while. Glad I've found you again. I especially appreciate your visits to museums.


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