Sunday, May 2, 2010

this can be traced back

In 2006 Mr.MttR and I happen to see a remarkable exhibition of Norwegian knitting in Hjørring. Hundreds of sweaters, mittens were displayed. Annemor Sundbø has saved all these knitted items from destruction and calls them "Treasures from the Ragpile" I still have the poster hanging on my display board.
In her new book "Knitting in Art" she combines her collection of knitted fragments and artworks. She says :"People wearing knitted garments have been painted so meticulously that the knit pattern can be reconstructed stitch by stitch"
When Annemor Sundbø says :" This book is written for knitting enthusiasts who would like to learn more about the background of their knitted garments" I am sure she was thinking of me.
Twenty years ago I made this sweater for DH from Vibeke Lind´s book: Knitting in The NordicTradition.

Denmark and Norway were one nation from 1397 - 1814 so we have a lot of historic knitting in common. Very interesting reading to be recommended.


  1. What an interesting concept for a book. I have been inspired by Vibeke Lind's book for many years. I believe I made one small sweater from it.

  2. I love Annemor's books, but didn't know about this one. I shall have to track down a copy - and I'm sure I'll think it must have been made just for me, too. Thank you for your post.

  3. I have treasures from a ragpile, must look for this one. I also have the Vibeke Lind book, which is great for just browsing. And HEY - my word verification is woolol. Laughing at wool?

  4. What a wonderful booklet! And a beautiful sweater!


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