Friday, March 5, 2010

world goes backwards

The Old Town in Århus is an open-air museum.
In the shop you can buy the kit for a Danish tie-shawl.
The baker is open.
During the winter holiday a workshop for all kinds of "woolly" crafts was established. I was there for knitting and there were spinning, weaving, tatting, lace-making, embroidery and patchwork as well. About 950 guests from many different countries came to visit and it was such a pleasure to talk with them.
I chose to work an Elizabeth Zimmermann: Pi- shawl and it was great. After the third doubling of stitches, the shawl had transformed itself into a knitting bag and I was able to walk, knit and talk. My sister came to visit us and she called me a Stand-up Knitter.


  1. How beautiful everything is there!!

  2. I loved walking through Den Gamle By during my time in Aarhus. Brings back many good memories.


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