Saturday, February 13, 2010

Superiority #3

I finished the EZ-Cardigan a couple of days ago. A sprained wrist did not exactly speed up the progress.
The Knitting was quickly done, however the finishing took a veery long time. Perhaps because of my limited finishing ability ;))
The yarn softened a lot and grew a bit. That´s why the cardigan looks so boxy. A bit of negative ease would have been more flattering.
Details :
Crochet steeking.
Attached i-cord with button loops.

The live neck stitches are sewn down. I think they look so vulnerable and as soon my wrist is fit, I will cover them with a bias strip.

When all is said and done. A fun and educational piece of knitting art.


  1. Very Pretty - as always and it looks like a very interesting construction. The buttons are a perfect match.

  2. Thank you. The pewter buttons are old.I got them from an old Norwegian cardigan bought second hand.


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