Sunday, January 17, 2010

Superiority #1

The pattern : Elizabeth Zimmermann´s Green Sweater from Schoolhouse Press is a knitting "Kinder Egg" for me. It has the three elements that thrills me about knitting. The cardigan is lovely, it is historic, and the design is most surprising. The moment I read about it in Twist
I knew I would cast on the minute I had the pattern..not for knitting another new cardigan, but for the knitting experience. I am half through and I am flabbergasted (just learned the word from a comment, LOL) by the construction.
I have tried to show it on the guitar which is the closest I come to a dummy.

Yarn choice was of course a little tricky as I haven´t access to either of the recommended brands. The Faeroe Islands are not exactly praised for their wool qualities due to their climate but a new yarn has hit the shelves at my local yarn pushers, Navia. The fibre is a mixture of Faroese wool, Shetland wool, and Australian lambswool. It is light and has a generous yardage of 180 meters in a 50 g skein. But the best part is that you can get it in three kind of thicknesses called Uno, Duo and Trio. This is essential if you like to work Fair-isle and choose not to work stranded all over.

In this cardigan there are so many hems. To avoid the hems to be too bulky I will use a thinner yarn for these. Using the Duo for the body, I will change to Uno for finishing the hems.

Or I will dive into my leftover drawer and find a contrast colour. The leftovers are from all the Marianne Isager sweaters I have worked for so many years.

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