Sunday, September 6, 2009

face the facts

When it comes to basic knitting, it it basically monotonous and boring. I demonstrated the knit stitch for my 7-year-old granddaughter and her comment was :"Is that it?" And yes, that´s it. But I am addicted to the element of surprise.

My knitting is almost hibernating these days. My right shoulder needs a rest. To avoid with-drawal symptoms I turned towards Baktus, and got hold of these two skeins, Fabel and Alpaca, from Drops. The colors are so toned down and I thought it would help me from the "just one more row"-syndrome. And help me take care of my arm.
But the scarf turned out much more sprightly than I had imagined. I almost like it.

I am now testing an I-cord edging. Can´t decide which side of the cord I prefer.

I have caught the Baktus bacterial, and is continuously visualizing how all kinds of leftovers and single skeins shall turn into nice scarves. I have borrowed my neighbour´s digital scales. A must for a Baktus-Knitter. On top is a gem. Quivit. 51 grams=200m


  1. After years of procrastination, it was Baktus that finally made me get a set of scales. But I got a bit bogged down and my first one, actually a Karius, is temporarily lost under heaps of things. Yours looks lovely.

  2. Love the toned down colours of your baktus - very calming. And you are right, the possibilities are endless. I like a baktus - it makes for a nice break from more complicated projects and is a good result. I'm sure you will enjoy yours more and more :-)


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