Sunday, February 20, 2011


Why did men from Spain to Sweden start to shave their heads and wear someone else’s hair in the mid-seventeenth century? Why did women decide that it was necessary to wear masks and other full-face coverings in public towards the end of the century? What was the economic and social impact of the sudden [...]

I am really looking forward to following this project:

Fashioning the Early Modern: Creativity and Innovation in Europe, 1500-1800
-and was very pleased when I found out that knitting is the Danish contribution to the research. While digging out for the Copenhagen Metro, archaeologists have come up with so many interesting knitting textiles.
And here is a  treat for you: has copied a felt hat, you can even dye the yarn yourself.
Living in this small, old country it is always interesting to discuss what is actually a Danish Knitting Special. Not much. Perhaps nothing or maybe this :
The star lozenge pattern of some of the knitwear is typically Danish and has had a wide chronological spread. 
Originally the pullovers or only the sleeves were knitted with very thin needles, after that the knitting were dyed and felt. Perhaps it was done like that to make it look like a more expensive cloth. Like if you could not afford expensive pieces of lace trimmings, you could knit insertions.
I have worked a copy of a woman´s sweater from 1775. It is finished and it is gorgeous. I will try to make some fine photos and post about it later. It has a great story.
A fine project for the last days has been these arm warmers. From Sarah, Blue Garter.
Choosing the check and the stripes I wanted to give the mitts a Northern look. I was in an indicisive mood. I enjoy the way the fair isle pattern hugs the wrists. I definitely recommend this free pattern.


  1. The wrist warmer look very nice! I have one in queue, too. Looking forward to see your sweater and hearing the great story ^^)/

  2. What fun! I have bookmarked that site to keep checking back.

  3. Looking forward to reading the story about the sweater. The mitts are lovely. I like the colors you chose (as always) and the button detail.

  4. What a lot of treasures you shared in this post! I love them all!!

  5. Likte de pulsvarmerne veldig godt. Har allerede lastet ned oppskriften, så de blir nok strikket så snart jeg er ferdig med det jeg holder p med nå.
    Takker for tips.


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