Sunday, January 23, 2011


Thanks a lot for your kind comments concerning my health. I still have nine staples in my tummy, but has been able to practice a new skill, double knitting, on a girl´s bonnet.
I found the hat, Tetsubou, by Kirsten Johnstone, when I was researching for a pattern good enough for Swan´s Island Fingering. It calls for 30g and it is suggested to work the light fingering weight on a 4.5 mm needles. It made me curious how the fabric would turn out - I do not like a hat to be too loosely knit. However, the fabric became both dense and soft and the bonnet can be whipped out in a very short time.The nape is sort of cinched so a pony tail can slip out for a swing.
Two weeks ago I attended a workshop at the local library. Read: Lots of knitting books to borrow, coffee, cookies, candy, and 30 knitters in good form. The teacher was Annette Danielsen, a designer and author of several knitting books. She is not only a creative designer, her models are usable and the patterns all workable. She is local and a very nice person.
She has worked for ten years at Isager´s. One day, years ago, I went into the shop quite early to buy pattern and yarn for a toddler´s cardigan. First we had to talk a lot about children, how to love and bring them up. We were standing at each side of the counter when a small spider lowered itself in between us. Anette did not stop talking, she pinched the thread above the spider, grabbed a pair of scissors, cut the thread, and with the spider swinging she opened the door and let it out.
At the workshop she brought all her models and we could try them on. She also brought a compendium and yarn so we could work samples of different knitting techniques. I chose to practice the double knitting sample and used it on the bonnet between the hems for more warmth. Yarn : Lucca Fino, 4 mm needle.
As for the Swan fiber, I use it for a chemise, worked top down so I am sure not to waste any of it. I am back on 2½mm for this.


  1. Glad you are on the mend. Cute hat. That workshop sounds like fun and of course I clicked on the link to her designs/book. They look fantastic. Too bad I can't read Danish. And isn't Swans Island wonderful yarn? I made the large size Coquille using it. I think it was even the same color as yours. Take care of those staples, now.

  2. Det foredrag havde jeg ogsaa glaedet mig til, men desvaerre maatte jeg aflyse. Men mon ikke der kommer en ny chance ?

  3. Sweet hat...I havent done double knitting in a long time and will try again one of these years.

    My appendectomy was laparoscopic...I felt like I'd had a baby the next day with very bloated tummy...I know you are enjoying your quiet time knitting...all the best!

  4. What a cute bonnet! I wish there was a little girl in my life so I could make some girl things! Can't wait to see how your chemise turns out. :)

  5. What a nice hat. I've been looking for an excuse to buy some Malabrigo Sock :) I hope you're still mending well.


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