Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

With this last post for 2010 I want to thank 
all who made this blog worth writing.
I appreciate all the kind and sincere comments you have taken your time to send. 
I also had an IRL-present from Sophia, a very generous knitter with whom I share the love for vintage knitting. She sent me an issue of Piecework Magazine, and a gorgeous skein of organic wool from Swans Island. I can´t wait to wind this up. My plan is to work the Holly Berry Cowl. Thank you so much.
And many thanks to those, who took the time to work the Kællingesjal.
Thanks for taking my comments seriously and for free patterns.
I am always looking forward to seeing the most fabulous photos and reading your linguistic proficiency. 
And of course your beautiful knitting.


  1. Happy New Year, and thanks for all inspiration.

  2. Happy New Year Mette - thank you for sharing your knitting and historic information and adorable granddaughter! The dress turned out so cute. I look forward to more online friendship in the new year.

  3. Mette, Happy New Year! I'm gonna do kaellingsjal this year but I have to spin alot first. Thanks for your lovely posts and your amazing spirit of sharing!


  4. Hope the New Year is wonderful for you - all the way through! The lovely dress looks so cute on your grand-daughter!

    I'd love to make the Kællingesjal. Did you write up a pattern when you made it?

    I'm glad you like the Swan's Island yarn - I love it myself and have used it for so many vintage style things. :) Can't wait to see your project.

  5. I was brought up very firmly never to wish anyone a Happy New Year until it comes, so I didn't leave a comment when I first read your post, but Happy New Year now, and a productive one, and I look forward to seeing more of your lovely work in 2011 :)


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