Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Both / And

I have finished the small tunic, and I think it will turn into a cute dress when it is stretched. Thanks to Mary Lou and Yumiko who advised me in this delicate matter :))


  1. It looks lovely! Good choices. And since I am unable to read Danish, I can provide no assistance in the second matter!

  2. Haha, I love the title and how it turned out. Looks great!

  3. Too Too cute!
    Now that's what a child's pattern should look like, lovely details but not too fussy. Love the colors.

  4. That came out beautifully! And I love the colour combinations - you made a good choice.

    And a couple posts back you showed a purple vest you made? I LOVE that pattern! I was very sad to find it was only in Danish. I discovered it a long time ago but have never been able to make it. I wish the author would also translate it to English. Such a useful design for a girl or a boy!


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