Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yesterday I went for an outing organized by members of Østjysk Tekstilkreds, the union of crafters I am a member of. 
We went by bus to watch two exhibitions, one showing embroidery in tekstilforum, Herning,and in Silkeborg Museum, a historic knitting exhibition from Sweden -

Even crafters have to eat and drink. We had a cup of coffee and a piece of home-made cake in the bus. A lovely lunch at the Jorn Museum, where some of us had a look in at the famous tapestry, Den lange Rejse. And coffee/apple-pie in the afternoon.

On my needles is a very interesting piece of knitting.
 It is a recreation from 1970 of a 1775 Danish nattrøje.  I will post about it later. But I was very pleased to see samples of the damask technique on some old Swedish pullovers.
I bought souvenir of wool from the Museum shop. It is about 600 m of two- thread lace weight. Same Autumn color as the forests we drove through. A memory from a very nice Saturday in October.


  1. Wow. I don't live near groups of fiber lovers, I'm a little jealous! I'll spend time exploring your links!


  2. That looks like a wonderful show. I wish I could get in there and look at the knitting. And have some apple pie.

  3. Ooooooooooo!!! How I wish I could have gone along with you!= and your friends! And that tapestry is AMAZING!


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