Sunday, June 27, 2010


Lovely sock yarn from Hedgehog Fibres and 5 DPN size 2.25. The link is to Beata´s blog. The colour is called Pilgrim and I used a pattern from Barbara walker´s Treasury called Coin Stitch. The cuff and heel are worked in (1 ktbl x 1p) ribbing.
A woolen sock in a canvas shoe is a very good match when summer temperature is below 20 *


  1. Lovely sock - sorry to hear that the current weather makes it necessary. We are having a heat wave here in Minnesota, hot and humid. I kind of wish it were wool sock wearing weather.

  2. Nice socks. The color looks like it goes well with denim. I am getting ready to knit my annual pair of socks. ;) So I need some inspiration. Need to order more wool for the Kjaellingsjal.


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