Sunday, November 22, 2009

it catches you

Christmas is coming up and colours change. Autumnal shades are my favourites. But the season is not long enough for me. I had just time to work a very small scarf in a hand painted faded green, and Christmas colours came rattling.
The two triangular scarves are both built on the construction of the Danish Tie-shawl.
The olive one is knit in Manos del Uruguay´s Silk Blend. I worked a six-stitch-lace-border first, picked up stitches and decreased until I had six stitches left. Doing it like that there is no way back, and I think the shawl is way too small.

The red and purple shawl is a tie-shawl for my 7-year-old granddaughter. Stuff is two different yarns.The red is a left-over from Geilsk and the purple is a wool/cotton fingering from Sandnes called mini duett. I cast on six stitches and increased. The bottom border is knitted on and the top border is worked separately and sewn on. The shawl is not quite finished. I will soak and block it with the recipient next time she visits me.

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  1. They are both lovely shawls. I am very attracted to autumnal colors as well but they do not flatter me. The bright colors are perfect for a young girl.


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