Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am so happy with my new book by Kim Hargreaves, Breeze. And my first project is a summer tee I have wanted to knit for several years .....Blithe. I have chosen a cotton from Sandness, Mandarin Petit in a teal colorway.

The right front is a bit tricky. You work two different ridge patterns, increases, and buttonholes all at the same time.
And I made and error. I did 8 purl stitches for two rows in stead of 7. Perhaps no one will notice.
But in my head I heard my late grandmother's voice.
" You unravel once, or you will look at it forever."


  1. ...og det er jo sandt :-) Jeg havde ogsaa valgt at pille op, fordi jeg ved at jeg ville blive ved med at kigge paa fejlen ;-)

  2. WEll I would never have noticed! but you would have always known it was there. I am back to work on the museum shawl--turned the corner-very terrifying to me-and ripped out more than once-but a great learning experience:)( I found that when ssking I need to slip as though purling, which makes a difference to me. I don't know if this is normal or not but it works for me!) and I will treasure it! I am thinking of making a cable for the knitted avant garde!


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