Sunday, May 31, 2009

earthly life

I have wanted for a long time to knit a market bag. Now I have found a pattern by Vivian Høxbro. She is a Danish knit designer who has created so many patterns using squares. This bag is called Net Duffel Bag and it is huge. I have worked the bottom so far and is about to begin the body of the bag. The pattern calls for Louet Euroflax linen, but I found a bargain at Drops called Bomull/Lin. The construction of the bag is quite clever. The squares stabilize the bottom in a way I have missed in other market bag patterns. If this work turns out well, I will definitely go for a second bag using the wet-spun linen and I will have a bag for life. A genuine heirloom.


  1. Perfect!

    I like the fact that you are making this out of linen, (market bags should be washed after each use...and a linen bag will be nicer as time goes on!)...not to mention the anti-bacterial properties of linen....good choice!

  2. Thanks. I did not know that linen had anti-bacterial properties.


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