Sunday, March 22, 2009

the mystic longs for the moment

I had these photos in my mail today. A family member, who is an artist, sent them to me. She wrote that these pictures might be an inspiration for a shawl. It certainly has both color and texture.
Her commission was to light up the wind.
If you go as far west as possible to Ringkøbing, Denmark, you will see this.
Where there is wind, you build wind mills. But you will also need windbreaks.
The Light will change during the night from the colors of dusk till yellow, rose and orange in the break of dawn. She told me that she was getting up tomorrow at 4 to photograph the sunrise.Until Friday this piece of art will exist.

I was so happy to receive her gift. And I find it so inspiring to share color and light.
I made an Alhambra Shawl for her at her fiftieth birthday. It was a great pleasure to knit the shawl for her. She has a very special gift for communicating color and texture.
- and my (p, tbl.) are now in safe hands.

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