Sunday, February 22, 2009

To dare is to loose one's foothold a short time...

This is the photo I took this summer at the museum, below is the shawl I just finished

The original shawl belongs to Vendsyssel Museum in Denmark. It is a modern (1897 )version of the Danish Tie- Shawl, Vibeke Lind writes about in her book Knitting in The Nordic Tradition. The differences are that The Shawl has an upper and lower border that are stitched together and used for tie-bands. This shawl is not only knitted in garter stitch like the old tie-shawls(1880). There is a pattern of stockinette stitch which is elastic and the shawl fits better round the shoulders. It has been a tense knitting adventure and I am very pleased with the result.


  1. Very beautiful and really interesting!

  2. this is so beautiful !!! I saw this shawl the first time on Ravelry. Is it possible to write some explanation in english too ?

  3. Fantatisk flot - det har du gjort godt!!
    :-) Britt

  4. Vera,I have written the recipee on my Ravelry project page.

  5. What beautiful work!

    Thank you for writing the recipe on Ravelry.

  6. Hej Mette

    Et flot sjal. Har du ikke en opskrift på dansk?

  7. Flere har spurgt efter en dansk opskrift. Den er på vej. Tak for interessen.

  8. Hvis opskriften kommer på dansk, (håbe, krydse arme og ben)- hvordan gør jeg mig så fortjent ?
    Mange hilsner

  9. It is beautiful - love it! Found it on Ravelry.

  10. Hello,
    I'm Emma and I've just finished your wonderful shawl here :

    Thank you very very much for your tutorial ! I'm very proud of 'my' new shawl.
    A friend of mine want me to (try to)translate your recipe into french. Would you agree ? I would send it to you as well !

  11. Hello Emma
    Your shawl is very beautiful and I am so glad you like it. If you want to help your friend, it is ok to translate it for her.

  12. I can't find this pattern in English. I've searched Ravelry and other blogs. Is it out there and I'm missing it?! It's so beautiful, I'm really wanting to make it!! Thank you.

  13. Hi Rosalie.
    There is an English version on Ravelry. If you send me a message I´ll send you a link, and I have additional notes, I can send you as well.


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