Sunday, February 1, 2009


My next big project for early spring is a shawl. I took a photo of it this summer from an exhibition in Vendsyssel Museum i Hjørring. They were very kind when I expressed my interest, took it out of its exhibition case so I could measure and photograph. The shawl is a Danish Bindesjal from 1897. It's not easy to find out which yarn to choose. And I am still swatching and trying out the pattern of the border.


  1. This shawl has really struck a cord with me. I can just imagine a hard working housewife or vendor going about her business in this shawl trying to keep warm without her shawl getting in her way. It is just wonderful. I can't wait to make my own. Thank you!

  2. I just realized that I knit two thirds of the edging using the eight stitch edge in the the original ettrick lace pattern---but I am not going to change it now!! I guess no one will know unless I tell them...
    I am really enjoying this so much~

  3. Have just discovered :Kællingesjal 1897 on Ravelry and thus your blog. Started the shawl 4 days ago - almost finished with bottom edge lace. The beauty of it attracted my attention - the uniqueness of the piece is keeping me interested. Must admit to having some problems figuring out the pattern directions - but so far, so good! I look forward to seeing what you may discover and unravel next.

  4. Hej Mette.
    Jeg har set dit dejlig sjal, på jeres udstilling I Den Gamle By.
    Det er bare så flot og jeg vil gerne strikke et magen til.
    Er det muligt at få en opskrift eller tips?
    Med venlig hilsen
    Ida Nielsen

  5. Hej Ida.
    Jeg har sendt opskriften til dig.
    God strikkelyst.

  6. I have recently found your shawl on Ravelry and am fascinated by it and its construction. After some deliberation I have ordered some Shetland supreme in a natural brown and can't wait to start although I think completion will take some time.
    I'm also about to start the reconstructed Elizabeth Zimmerman cardigan so some exciting times ahead. Thank you very much.

  7. Hi, I found your pattern on Ravelry too...I love recipes and recently made something like a Faroese...I love your lace edge...Thanks for posting and sharing...


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