Monday, November 10, 2008

"still more wonderful "

Knitted Lace Of Estonia is Nancy Bush' latest book and it is a gorgeous collection of shawls and stories about the people who created them

I am a great fan of Nancy Bush. My first book Knitting On The Road was the reason why I joined a Yahoo group, bought a digital camera and entered the international knitting scene. I was so fascinated by her approach to knitting that I overcame my fear of cyberspace. Later I bought Knitting Vintage Socks which was even more exquisite. Friends and family are walking around in socks from Victorian Times with exotic names like Gentleman´s Shooting Stockings with Fluted Pattern 1887 or Child´s French Sock in Citron Pattern and Diaper Knitting 1898, without knowing. They just feel their feet are warm and that the sock stay put.

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  1. That is a beautiful sock. Lovely cable work....


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